$3.30 6-Max 6 tables left

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$3.30 6-Max 6 tables left

Blinds: t900/t1,800 (5 Players) BB: 81,761
UTG: 237,190
CO: 34,338
BN: 90,492 (Hero)
SB: 37,195
6 tables left in the tourney, Villain has been fairly aggressive towards hero but hasn't shown down hands.
I think I completely messed this hand up, you'll see why in a second but I want to know what your opinions are about the hand overall.
Preflop (2,700) Hero is BN with A T
2 folds, Hero raises to 4,050, SB folds, BB calls 2,250
Flop (10,125) 5 5 T
BB checks, Hero bets 4,555, BB raises to 14,365, Hero calls 9,810
I think betting isn't really accomplishing much, I was debating a check or a bet, but I ended up betting because I didn't want to give away a free card, I think his range is full of Pocket Pairs, I don't think he has that many 5's, only 65, 45, maybe A5 (I doubt he has A5, he has 3bet a decent amount which leads me to believe he is 3betting most of his Ax preflop.
In retrospect I think a check is for sure the play here, we don't get a lot of value from this bet, when we check we can induce Villain to take a stab at the pot and we can call him down, so I think I should have checked.

I think calling the check raise is okay, he might be doing this with complete air and might give up on some turns, if he's bluffing we are going to have a tough time taking this hand to showdown but it doesn't seem bad.
Turn (38,855) 5 5 T 3
BB bets 19,816, Hero calls 19,816
I think here is where the big mistake is made. If I call here, I should be ready to call a river jam.
I think V tells us he's comitted to the pot, wether he has value or a bluff I don't see how he checks on any river card.
I think we are at the bottom of our range here. We have JJ-AA, 5x that are better hands to call.
Villain is representing a super narrow range, basically 5x, which I don't think there are many combos.

With these things in mind, I lean towards a fold, or at least if we are calling here we call all rivers.
River (78,487) 5 5 T 3 7
BB bets 43,305 and is all in, Hero folds
Not much to say, I think if we call and we are wrong we are done, and if we fold we still have some room to manoeuvre so I decided to fold. I don't think he is bluffing here super often but I think he can for sure make the bluff.
Final Pot BB wins 78,487

So let me know what you guys think, I'm starting to play some MTT's and I'd like to hear opinions from more experienced players!

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