$366 MGM 3bet with QQ

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$366 MGM 3bet with QQ

Blinds are 200-400 with 50 ante.

Folds to hero
Hero (HJ)(25k): QQ : raise to 1100
Villian (button(26k): raises to 4000
Blinds fold
Hero: calls

Flop: 994 rainbow

Hero: checks
Villian: bets 8000

The villian is a solid player that has started to increase his aggression recently and has been 3 betting more. I have an image of a pretty aggressive preflop raiser, especially in later position. I think I should have just 4bet jammed preflop, but with the way it has ran out would you call him down, push all in or fold? I think it's hard to find a fold here with his button 3bet range, but I'd love another opinion.

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