9-max $1.50 SNG -- flop nuts IP vs. opener -- what next?

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9-max $1.50 SNG -- flop nuts IP vs. opener -- what next?

Blinds: t40/t80 (4 Players) SB: 4,406
BB: 2,083 (Hero)
CO: 4,026
BN: 2,985
Preflop (120) Hero is BB with 8 Q
2 folds, SB raises to 240, Hero calls 160
V has VPIP 39% and raises pre-flop 25% hands he's dealt. Notwithstanding, was my defend too loose? (-EV?) How can I tell this in real time?
Flop (520) 9 J T
SB bets 260, Hero calls 260
Turn (1,040) 9 J T 4
SB bets 520, Hero calls 520
Continuing to let him hang himself here but did I fail to extract max EV by flatting?

My read was that a 3-bet on the flop or turn may have tilted him into an all-in bluff 4-bet. So perhaps that was the max +EV play?
River (2,080) 9 J T 4 2
SB checks, Hero bets 686, SB folds
Final Pot BB wins 2,080

What is optimal strategy for this line? (Or is it too specific to matter at the stakes I'm playing at?)


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