Bad bluff OR bad call from Villain on River

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Bad bluff OR bad call from Villain on River

Blinds: t600/t1,200 (7 Players) UTG: 67,845
MP: 26,778
UTG+1: 15,149
CO: 24,405
BN: 75,823
SB: 110,167
BB: 33,770 (Hero)
Preflop (1,800) Hero is BB with 6 Q
4 folds, BN raises to 2,640, SB folds, Hero calls 1,440
Flop (6,930) 5 2 3
Hero checks, BN checks
Turn (6,930) 5 2 3 7
Hero bets 3,600, BN calls 3,600
River (14,130) 5 2 3 7 8
Hero bets 10,800, BN calls 10,800
Final Pot BN wins and shows high card Ace.
BB lost and shows high card Queen.
BN wins 35,730

quite deep in £16.50 freezeout on stars, i was playing 20/14, defending bb quite wide, villain playing fairly tight on btn not really getting out of line.

So based on how it played out i'm convinced he made a bad call on river what do you guys think? i think his range consists of lot of broadways A highs and I thought with that sizing i could get him to fold a hand like AT KQ JQ TQ TJ etc. the board nails my flatting range, I have 2 pair, straights some sets, yes he blocks flush with Qc but I don't see with his holding how he can call here...?? I hadn't shown any bluffs previously i was playing pretty solid post flop. from his point of view... what is he beating?? just pure air, what do you guys think?? I obv questioned him after and all he said was "I have Qc blocker"

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