Bet sizing on river in WCOOP $320

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Bet sizing on river in WCOOP $320

Here is a pretty standard hand in the $320 8 max WCOOP, villain is kittymstat who is Kitty Kuo. I think preflop, flop and turn are completely standard. However my question is how big should I bet on the river? I have literally no bluffs in this situation, so I decided to bet small enough that I can rep AJ-AQ and hope villain calls with those kinds of hands which they should fold to a 5k bet. Thoughts?

[7d 7c]

kittymstar: raises 250 to 450
Riverbanged: calls 450
* FLOP [8d 7h Ac]
kittymstar: bets 910
Riverbanged: calls 910
TURN [8d 7h Ac] [2s]
kittymstar: bets 2200
Riverbanged: calls 2200
RIVER * [8d 7h Ac 2s] [6s]
kittymstar: checks
Riverbanged: bets 2519

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