Blind v. Blind blunder?

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Blind v. Blind blunder?

Buy in: $10 + $1
Hero Stack: 6,649
Villain Stack: 7,370
Blinds: 50/100
Table: 6-handed

Action is folded around to Villain in the SB who open completes. Hero checks in the BB with Kh6d. I’ve been playing hands in position against this loose/sticky/splashy player. Flop comes 8h2sAd and Villain min-bets. I call with the plain to either bet or raise the turn. I feel like this type of player is betting all pairs, all draws, and all air.

Turn comes Jc and Villain min-bets 100 into a 460 pot. I take aces out of his range because I think he would have raised preflop. If Villain is a thinking player he probably takes aces out of my range (although I am not sure Villain is concerned about my range at all). This would be inaccurate because I often check many aces in this spot including very strong ones (sometimes) like AT-AQo for deception. I feel like raising here balances me for the times I do have an ace. Does this mean I should also be raising pairs of 8s and Js? I still think Villain is betting all pairs, all draws and all air. So, I raise to 325 and Villain calls. When he calls I think he calls with all combos of 34 and 45, all combos of 89 and 9T, all pairs of 8s, 2s, and Js. River comes Td completing a straight draw and giving 9T a pair. I feel like this card makes it harder for me to bluff the river because I think this kind of player is calling with any pair 8s or better unless maybe I put in an over pot size bet. So, I check, thinking there are times I still have the best hand against Villain’s 35 and 34 hands.

Against a sticky splashy player is it worth putting in a big bet of 1500 into a 1,110 pot. Maybe he folds a pair of 8s some of the time or even a good portion of the time. Is Villain checking a straight here? Maybe. I could see him wanting to check-raise me for the times I have a strong 2-pair. If you were going to bluff here, based on what we know about this type of player, what sizing would you use? Or is it better just to give up on the river?

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