Confused About Studying and Improving at the Micros

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Confused About Studying and Improving at the Micros

At the lower stakes everything we do is based around getting value, right? We're not supposed to bluff a lot at these stakes and trying any fancy maneuvers just goes over our opponents' heads.

Often they don't even realize what we're trying to rep.

So we're basically stuck waiting on good hands to get value. But that is also something we're not supposed to do (sit around waiting on good hands).

So what is a micro stakes supposed to be doing? How do I get better?

I've been trying to really pin down my opponents ranges. I figured, if I can learn to put them on the right ranges I can find ways to exploit them. But putting micro stakes players on a hand seems impossible.

Should I just grind it out with value hands and keep adding to the bankroll until I can move up?

I know there are successful micro stakes players, which tells me my assumptions listed above are wrong. It tells me that I'm doing something wrong, but I don't know what it is.

Any tips?

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