Could I have played this in a different way to preserve my tournament life?

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Could I have played this in a different way to preserve my tournament life?

Buy-in: $5 + $0.50
Blinds: 5000/1000/1000
Table Size: 8-handed
Dynamics: about 15-20 away from FT
Hero Stack: 381,277
Villain Stack: 302,084

Villain raises HJ+3 (UTG) to 22,345. Hero in HJ+2 re-raises with QdQc to 58,000. Villain just calls. Hero is working under the assumption that Villain may flat AA some of the times here, but because of my EP 3-bet it is far more likely I have a hand that is looking to get it in preflop so there isn’t much reason to play AA tricky here. Therefore, his range is capped. Hero has taken out AA, KK, QQ, and AK from villain’s range. Leaving him only with, low PPs up to JJ, AQ, AJ, and ATs. Flop comes 5h6c6s Villain checks. Hero bets 48,000 into a 139,000 pot. Hero use a small sizing for two reasons. One, the dryness of the board, and to make his hand look like AK so all PPs can check raise and get it in. Villain flats. Pot is now 235,000. Turn comes Jc. Hero has slightly over a pot sized bet left but the question is, because JJ is such a big part of villain’s range should hero check here? I am asking this question because villain does indeed have JJ. At the moment the jack hit I said to myself, that isn’t a good card, but villain could still have TT, 99, 88, 77, or even AQ. Hero bets 125,000. Villain check-raises all in. Hero calls. Hero hates himself. Was this bad luck or was this something Hero should have played better given the very tight range Hero put Villain on? This may seem like bad beat crying if the answer is obvious, but honestly, I don't know if it this is obviously a spot I am meant to bust out on. Does anyone ever check the turn because they are scared Villain has JJ?

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