Early stages PLO MTT

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Early stages PLO MTT

UTG2: Hopeletron: 7627
LJ: komasy: 4991
HJ: phee sua: 3000
CO: Giac5102: 2320
BN: Zvonko Cole: 2335
SB: MR24KT: 3517
BB: Shirox1980: 3735
UTG: pokcsavo: 4284
UTG1: andreea_dani: 3105
Preflop (90) (9 Players)
Hopeletron was dealt K 9 7 K
pokcsavo folds, andreea_dani calls 60, Hopeletron calls 60, komasy calls 60, phee sua calls 60, Giac5102 folds, Zvonko Cole folds, MR24KT calls 30, Shirox1980 checks
Flop (360) 2 9 6 (6 Players)
MR24KT checks, Shirox1980 checks, andreea_dani checks, Hopeletron checks, komasy checks, phee sua checks
Turn (360) 2 9 6 K (6 Players)
MR24KT bets 180, Shirox1980 folds, andreea_dani calls 180, Hopeletron raises to 999, komasy folds, phee sua folds, MR24KT calls 819, andreea_dani calls 819
River (3357) 2 9 6 K T (3 Players)
MR24KT checks, andreea_dani bets 2046, and is all in, Hopeletron folds, MR24KT calls 2046
Final Pot
andreea_dani has J Q 8 T MR24KT has 8 T 7 6 andreea_dani wins 7449

I would like to have some advice on this hand...I am not sure what is the best action is on the turn...is it better to call here or is this a raise like always ??

The two ppl calling the turn are very call happy...but should i be pot controlling this board...I would love to have opinions.

thank you

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