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EPT Vienna, spot VS Daniel Negreanu

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EPT Vienna, spot VS Daniel Negreanu

Tournament: EPT Vienna $5000+$300, middle stage

SB: 1200 (Daniel Negreanu - stack 188 300)
BB: 2400
HIJACK: (Hero - stack 289 800)

UTG Carsten Joh raises 4800
MP Jack Elwood calls 4800
HJ HERO raises 14,3k
BTN Stjepan Jokic raises 32k
SB Daniel Negreanu raises 60k
UTG folds
MP folds
HERO raises allin 289 900
Daniel Negreanu calls

HERO shows [Kc Ks]
Daniel Negreanu shows [Ah Ad]

BOARD [5h 2h Qd 7c 5c]

What Daniel Negreanu said about this spot:
"UTG makes it 4700 UTG +2 calls, next guy makes it 13k, the button makes it 32k. I'm in the small blind, sitting on about 175k in chips with the average being about 115k, and I see red aces! I make it 60k, the first two fold, and the next player, with a big stack, moves all in. I call, fully expecting to chop the pot, but he shows KK. Not trying to be mean to the guy, but I think if you are ever going to fold KK pre-flop this was the most obvious of spots to do it. My range in this case is precisely AA or KK. He can never be ahead."

What HERO said about this spot:
"There was a raise from very aggressive Dutch Carsten Joh (UTG) to 4800, and flat call from aggressive and very good English player Jack Elwood (MP). I was on hijack, and make a three-bet to 14,3k with [KcKs]. A new guy on the button sitting on about 90k four-bet to 32k. Daniel Negreanu (SB) was eating some chineese food, and after something about 2 minutes raises to 60k. The first two players folds, and I decided to push allin. I was thinking that there can be QQ in Daniel range, because my squeeze dosn't look very strong, and player on the button can four-be for value with QQ or AK. I knew Daniel never bluff in this spot, but I hoped he can hold QQ here, and there was enough dead money in pot to make a profitable stack off.
However, when I was talking with Daniel at next day, he told me that in this spot he cannot hold QQ, because of player sitting on button which he dosn't know, and another player (HERO) who has decision after him. Average stack was 115k, so in this situation he dosn't want to guess and just fold QQ preflop. Also if he has QQ, he dosn't feel comfortable in this situation, and probably he would take more time to make a decision.
So, I think, there was one of those situations, when the best what we can do is just fold kings preflop, but unfortunately I'm not so good player yet, to make hero folds like that.
One thing that I told Daniel, and he agreed is that he should to shove his aces in this spot. Well, I hope in the future I'll be able to fold kings in that kind of spots. It's never too late to learn."


So, I'm curious, what do you think about this situation. Please give me some of your reflections. I'll be very gratefuul. Regards

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