Final table spot 4 handed in LIVE Mohegan $600, 100k gtd

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Final table spot 4 handed in LIVE Mohegan $600, 100k gtd

4 handed. Payouts 29k, 18, 10, 8.

Blinds 8/16k. Nesrine Kuordourli (reads on her is that she is the girlfriend of one of my friends, seems competent/plays well, saw her rz stuff like a7o from the CO and call btn shoves correctly, when we were 8 or 9 handed) is the villain in the hand.

History: Only other history we had is when she had raised pre earlier at the FT from EP when we were 9 or 10 handed, I had flatted 99 and I raised got it in on 109x against her AA and got the full double.

I have 650k to start hand (again, 4 handed), Nesrine rz to 32k with 550k to start from btn I am in SB with AJo. One guy has 600k, another almost 1M for ICM purposes. I feel I am the strongest player left in the tournament but I am relatively new to tournies so am not sure how much I can leverage my perceived postflop advantage given our stack depths.

Best play and reasons why? I decided to rr to 80k, with plans to 5b shove if she 4b. Is this flawed reasoning? I also considered flatting pre. I think flatting pre, 5b over her 4b, and flatting the 4b are all viable options. Merits to each?

I 3b to 80k, she clicks to 130k, and I jammed...



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