FT bubble in 10$ turbo KJs bvb

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FT bubble in 10$ turbo KJs bvb

BB: TiltJuice101: 72193
BN: serhi84: 96229
SB: Avenger655: 150326
6max tournament, 7 left in an 11$ on 888, i had also been playing pretty active.
Villain seems pretty active, but was very few hands i had seen him limp fold once in a bvb confrontation with me. so perhaps he's a weaker player?
he seemed to be trying all sorts of bvb tactics vs me as i had also 3bet him a few times 24-30bb deep bvb
Preflop (6000) (3 Players)
TiltJuice101 was dealt J K
serhi84 folds, Avenger655 raises to 6850, TiltJuice101 calls 4850
With him opening really wide, it's definitely going to be plus ev to shove, however i think we gain alot of value flatting in this spot too, Would you jam KJo in this spot?
Flop (17700) A 8 T (2 Players)
Avenger655 bets 8500, TiltJuice101 calls 8500
I think we can raise here but we don't rep alot and i wouldn't expect him to be folding much if we do raise we wont have many Ax really pre. probably 3bet call ATo pre, just realised we're still 24bb deep so i would have alot A2-A9 Whether by raising we can get him to jam QJ here as a double gutter but we have in great shape is kinda thin too. Also King High can be the best hand here. so I decide to call
Turn (34700) 8 (2 Players)
Avenger655 checks, TiltJuice101 bets 9888, Avenger655 raises to 21212, TiltJuice101 calls 11324
Turn is my main issue, I don't think my bet size is the issue, if hes got Q4o here, hes folding to any size bet. likewise i don't think he's folding Ax to a bet either, pre i'm not sure how many 8s we have, Q8s J8s, perhaps i rip t8s and 98s pre because they don't have as great pair value. i imagine 22-66 jam pre although i cant be 100%, 99+ is the same as Ax really.
My main question however, is do i need to bet the turn? any unpaired cards have at maximum 5 outs vs us (4 vs non heart cards) and 5 vs one i.e Qd4h.
regardless i decide to bet and really unexpectedly get c/r small, he could have some 8x. our range when we bet does consist of alot of draws, tx that i might bet to protect vs QJ KJ type hands. Do you think its too thin for him to be raising Ax on the turn? (not that i don't think he does) but it does make for an interesting line to raise Ax on the turn.
and if he has randomly decide to give up the flop and has raised over my small sizing. we are only behind KQ and as i said any unpaired cards have 5 outs at best
River (77124) A (2 Players)
Avenger655 checks, TiltJuice101 checks
River, i dont see any point in betting, Our King high can be good a small % of the time and we cannot have any Ax in our range.
Final Pot
Avenger655 has 8 6 Avenger655 wins 78324

The main Point i want to talk about is the turn. You're more than welcome to give any advice on other streets too though :) 

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