good or bad fold?

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good or bad fold?

blinds 300/600
UTG limps
HJ limps
LJ raises 2 BB
HERO{BU} 95 diamonds calls
limpers call
FLOP 953 {2 spades} pot 4800
checks around to hero
hero bets 1/3 pot
limpers call, original raiser folds
turn Qs completing flush
limpers check
hero checks- here I realize I cap my range and put myself in a tough river spot if someone leads out, but with two callers on a fairly wet board I felt someone was on a flush draw.
river is a brick
UTG check
HJ leads out for 4000 into a pot of 9900
Hero ends up tank folding
UTG folds

do you think I made a terrible lay down or a good lay down? if so please explain

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