Got lost with KK in a 3 bet Pot

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Got lost with KK in a 3 bet Pot

Hello buddies. So this is my first post ever at RIO. Sorry about that, and thank you in advance. :)
hope to get some insights about this hand i played in the Winter series superstack 20.

I just got moved to the this table but already saw few strange moves from this vilain and at this point i will assume he is a Rec and doesnt like to fold much.

Blinds; t200/t400
Co 40000 (HERO)
Bn 42290
Sb 39850
BB 40070
UTG 69593
UTG1 40110
MP 50372
MP1 39090
MP2 37880

PREFOP Hero is with KhKc

UTG1 raises to 1000, MP2 calls 1000, Hero (co) raises 4111, Mp2 calls 3111.
Th9h8c villains checks, hero checks.
this board conect so hard in this vilain flating range. Is this a mix bet and check?
Tc.. double checkk
Should we start betting big here.?
River 3ss
vilain checks hero bets third pote.

I feel like a play this hand way to poorly.
Whats the best way to go here?

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