Hold'em Resources Calculator Question

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Hold'em Resources Calculator Question

Hey poker people,

I am quite new to the MTT world and just started to play around HRC to see the sub-40BB ranges.

I set up a sim of 40BB UTG 2.1BB open, allowing flat the open, 6.7BB/40BB 3B sizes, NO over-flatting 3B but allowing flat of 3B as RFI.

What I've noticed is that HRC gives SB a 53.2% flat of the 2.1BB open pre-flop. I assume this is because HRC assumes 100% Eq. R post flop for all players? 53.2% just seems so out of the wack that I start to question all of the ranges that HRC suggests.

So my question is, are the results close to practical? If it's only the SB range that is 'wrong', anyway that I can change the conditions to make it right?

Thanks for reading.

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