Interpreting Push Fold Charts

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Interpreting Push Fold Charts

I wasn't able to contact the website creators with my question so i hope the RIO community can help me.

In Push Fold HEADS UP the stack size in big blinds on the left-hand side of each graph is that before or after each player has posted their blinds

For example HEADS UP Push-Fold for SB at 1.5 BB, does that mean SB started with 2BB and posted the small blind of 0.5bb and now has a 1.5 stack? So that the Big Blind would be getting 3 to 1 on a call? and corresponds with BB call 2bb stack and now posts 1 big blind with 1 big blind remaining?

I'm confused because if i assume both players start with equal stack sizes, looking at the bottom of each SB Push and BB Call, the SB Push 1.5 {22+ 5x+ 42s+ 43o 32s) would (correctly) correspond with the BB Call 2 {Any Two}. But, if we move to the next row on each Push Fold for HEADS UP now we have SB sitting on 2bb but BB on 3bb. Eventually at the top we see SB 15bb and BB Call 16bb and both graphs have an equal number of rows 15 each, which suggests they are meant to 'line-up'.

If we begin with SB Push 1.5bb shouldn't each row above that read 2.5bb 3.5bb 4.5bb ... 15.5bb?

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