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Is this a good 3bet jam against an aggressive opponent with 48 players left?

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Is this a good 3bet jam against an aggressive opponent with 48 players left?

Blinds: t2,400/t4,800 (8 Players) SB: guilleoliver: 298,144
BB: sukhjit33: 87,230
UTG: beckss88: 377,144
UTG+1: soufb7: 254,691
MP: leafsmets: 434,404
MP+1: djole43: 125,116
CO: icarus462: 102,134 (Hero)
BN: carlosxaula: 164,330
Preflop (7,200) icarus462 is CO with 6 6
beckss88 raises to 14,400, 3 folds, icarus462 raises to 101,534 and is all in, 3 folds, beckss88 calls 87,134

Blinds 2400/4800

Villain is 54/40 over 66 hands and has been very aggressive pre with his sizing when he opens. Also note that Villain is a station calling down super light in spots where he has little equity.

There are 48 players left and I think I could of passed up this spot if it was another person but Villain has shown to open 3x and fold to a lot of my 3bet jams. I was contemplating to 3bet and fold to a 4bet but villain has shown not to fold to any standard 3bet against other opponents.

I have 40.04% equity against 9.8% (66+, ATs+, KJs+, QJs, AJo+, KQo) of hands that he can call me with. I did some calculations and it says it's a +EV spot for me to shove but I'm not quite sure that's correct.

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