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JJ Early in $1675 WSOP-C Bike Main event

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JJ Early in $1675 WSOP-C Bike Main event

Ill post hand vs then a couple of very relevent hands after.
Me - JJ Hijack with 17,000 chips
villan - Has me covered by a little, maybe 21,000
50/100 blinds

he opens UTG +2 300.
I 3bet 900 from Hi Jack
He 4 bets 2450
I flat

Flop Tc 7h 5h
he bets 2450
I flat
Turn 7s
He bets 65xx (I have just over 12k back)

Reads - We are in the 2nd level in the main event. 1 hand the villan opened UTG w 97o to 150 (25/50) got flatted and Ari 3 bet to 500 on button and the villan FLATTED the 3b oop with 97o. He then chk called a Q9x flop. (Ari is pretty well known good aggressive (Very) payer).
2nd hand - Ari opened mp to 150 and the villian 3 bet 350 on button w A7o. Cbet a Jxx board and check back on Q turn and called river lead with A hi.

I have been fairly active so far. 2 hands earliar button opened 300, i 3b 900 w 88 from sb he called (this is a different player). Cbet Q74cc flop. Chk chk K turn. ANd i value bet a K river.

Those are the 3 relevant hands i believe to describe the player. He is a younger player that at first glance you would assume is a good thinker. Ari knew him when he first sat down. Also good to note that this is a Re-Entry for flight 1b (this is flight 1A).

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