JJ vs 50bb 3bj on a final table

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JJ vs 50bb 3bj on a final table

FT of a 3.30 donkament on stars and I’m 2/6 remaining with 60bbs the guy in 3rd has 53bbs and is playing extremely aggro with decent hands (I’ve noted him to 3bj 50bb w chip lead behind) but at a fair frequency considering ICM, I think we saw AQo at showdown once in a similar scenario.

I open JJ utg and he 3 bet jams. I folded considering ICM and the fact that I am 50-70% favourite vs a range of Ax and I am not sure whether he plays bigger pp like this or not.
Obviously I am not out of the tournament if I lose and I was more comfortable taking the lower variance route, but poker ain’t about what makes you comfortable it’s about what makes you the most money!

I am roughly aware of the disparity between cEV and $EV in these spots, but this situation exposed my lack of knowledge of the extent to this disparity. I basically had to guess at the decision in game and would like to be able to study it more thoroughly.

Important details: At the time there were 3 shorter stacks with 12, 20 & 23 bbs respectively. If I called and won I would be an overwhelming chip leader, c/l had 66bb.

Payouts were as follows:

1st: 252
2nd: 147
3rd: 105
4th: 80
5th: 63
6th: 51
I am still doubting whether it was a correct fold and roughly what is our calling range in this spot? What is the best way to study these spots and what tools can I use?

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