KQs - FT decision - Strange situation

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KQs - FT decision - Strange situation

Blinds: t12,500/t25,000 (7 Players) SB: 1,505,033
BB: 596,225 (Hero)
UTG: 1,415,215
UTG+1: 20,288
MP: 1,319,742
CO: 393,365
BN: 200,132
Preflop (37,500) Hero is BB with Q K
2 folds, MP calls 25,000, 2 folds, SB calls 12,500, Hero checks
General Infos on players:
MP is a crusher, he was opening quite wide and this was his first limp of the FT (before he was also shorter)
SB is a fish that shove any good hands he had preflop, for example against CO open he shoved 88 55bb. Postflop fast play value hands with huge sizes otherwise he was pretty passive.
Flop (96,875) 3 K 8
SB checks, Hero checks, MP bets 47,500, SB calls 47,500, Hero raises to 568,100 and is all in, MP raises to 1,291,617 and is all in, SB folds
My thought were:
"In this situation I should continue just with super top equity hands cause the bubble factor in play and my range play out mostly folding and I think I would have just a super tiny x/s range without calling (or super small)"
Turn (2,004,092) 3 K 8 7
River (2,004,092) 3 K 8 7 5

Preflop the guy with 1bb was sit out since the start of FT and the 8bb and 10bb guys were nit as hell.
What would you do there ICM wise?

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