Live 125$ bounty tournament line check close to bubble

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Live 125$ bounty tournament line check close to bubble


first of all it is my first post so hello world!
I am mostly a cash game player but that night i felt like playing short stack poker lol
so the tournament is 6 handed, average stack is 125k at that point, tournament pays 18 players 23 left
min cash 250$ first gets 3500$
value of a bounty 25$

blinds 1.5k -3k 1.5k BB ante I have been fighting for survival nearly all tournament, just doubled up with 40k chips blinds just went up last hand

SB 200k
BB 250K

UTG (vilain 1) 20k went AI (fairly tight player but with 7bb I believe he must have any pair, mostly any ace, some broadways)
HJ 400k folds
CO (Vilain2) 46k took some time and called (CO is very loose and seem very influenced by bounties, seen him do very marginal calls, he hesitated and my read is that he has a marginal hand)

Hero 44k AQo

I think it is very standard All in spot (as long as I feel I am ahead of vilain 2) but I am always a bit uncomfortable in spots like this and never sure how the fact I am near the buble should influence anything
I tried to check it in ICMizer but i don t have a licence but it seems AQ is a fold (but i don t have a license and might not have configured it properly)

AQ seem too strong to fold that short but
I don t believe I can simply call and fold having invested half my stack if I miss (although vilain 2 would play pretty straightforward and underbluff)?

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