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Live $1675 Circuit Event - 3 hands for review

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Live $1675 Circuit Event - 3 hands for review

Hi guys,

I'm an online PLO player giving a live NL mtt a shot this past weekend. Looking for any advice on these three hands. Thanks

1) Hero 48k chips, 200-400 blinds, 25 ante (avg 22k)
Hero is dealt AdKd in the cutoff.
Fold to hero. Hero raises to 1200. Button (40k chips) three bets to 4k (btn is a 55 yo guy, seems competent and experienced, but also seems to be straightforward)
Big Blind then announces all in (24k chips). big blind is probably 70, retired, friendly fat guy who seems to be playing fit or fold and doesn't really seem to "get it".

Hero reshoves all in.

2) Hero 31k chips, 600-1200 blinds with 200 ante (avg stack is 55k). UTG (45k chips?) (young live grinder, competent, have played with him before, aggro player, new to this table). UTG raises to 2,800 (UTG has just raised prior hand).

Hero is dealt 9-9 in middle position and calls UTG raise. Everyone else folds

Flop 2-2-3. (9k in pot) UTG leads for 4,000. Hero calls 4,000.

Turn 6 (brd 2-2-3-6) (17k in pot). UTG leads for 9,000

Hero folds.

3) Hero 27k, 800-1600 blinds 200 ante. first hand or so of new level

Hero is on the BTN with K-10 off.

Hijack (30 yo grinder, is very friendly with other grinders and i consider him prob a reg). Hijack (30k chips) open to 4k.

Fold to hero who reshoves 27k stack all in (attempt to steal 8,200). Gets looked up by Big Blinds w/ AQ

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