My last hand in LAPT Peru

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My last hand in LAPT Peru

Hi guys,

I played the LAPT Peru and got eliminated in a debatable spot. It was the end of Day 1A and I was moved to a new table, so I didn't have solid reads on any of the players. To my left there was a short stack on push or fold mode. Two to my left was a guy who only played a few hands during the time I was at the table, but he didn't win nor reached showdown. Three to my left was a maniac with a big stack. He had been calling raises with handslike K4 suited.

I had 27K and blinds were 500/1000 with a 100 ante. It was folded to me on the button, surprisingly, since the table was loose overall. I raised to 2500 with ATo. SB folded and Villain, the tight guy, three-bet to 7000. He had me covered by a big margin.

My initial reaction was to think he was restealing against a button opener. He was playing tight, but with a maniac to his left and a short stack who shoved preflop to his right, that's no surprise.

If he had reraise for value, though, my hand was nearly useless. I tanked for a while and finally decided to shove. My reasons were:

Villain, as I said, had three-bet against button, so he could be restealing;

It was probably apparent to the players that I satellited into the tournament, making me an easy target to be pushed around;

My table miage was tight as well;

It was the second to last hand of the day, and many newcomers try to get to Day 2 (in other words, shoving would look strong);

27k could really hurt his stack and he wasn't committed to call;

I had blockers to AK, AQ, AA and TT;

It is better to die fighting than being blinded away (avg stack was over 43k).

Long story short, the guy instacall with AKs and flopped a flush.

What do you guys think about the hand?

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