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Offering Free MTT coaching sessions for Low-Mid stakes players

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Offering Free MTT coaching sessions for Low-Mid stakes players


I have put a lot of work into my game this year and had some pretty good results as a non-pro part time player. I am really interested in expanding my poker network and I always love talking hands over with people, so I have decided to offer some free MTT coaching. Below I will outline my strengths and weaknesses, and what I have to offer. I will also provide an application template. You can just copy/paste the questions at the bottom of this post into a DM here on run it once and provide your answers in order to "apply" for a free 60-90 minute coaching session. Thanks!


I play on US sites and many of them do not give a good way to track results, and trackers don't even show results correctly. I only started manually keeping meticulous records of my results in Excel at the end of June this year. My results since then in online MTTs are:

642 Games Played - $63 ABI - 114.81% ROI

I have been playing for a long time and have not had a losing year in the past 3+ years, playing almost entirely MTTs. I am bad at cash.


I have put a ton of work into preflop, and have very strong push/fold, reshove, and preflop RFI/3b/4b game at most/all stack sizes. I also believe that I am pretty good at exploiting weak opponents, and that is where most of my edge comes from. I also have worked on ICM and have pretty strong final table strategies.

Mindset/Mental game and logistics of poker - I have a LOT of experience balancing MTT grinding with very tough challenging careers. I have worked as both an Electrical Engineer and Software Engineer full-time while also grinding a ton of volume for years. I have made lots of mistakes along the way, and have learned a lot about balancing life with poker. I also take my mental game very seriously and constantly work on it. This is still a somewhat overlooked side of the game and in my opinion, the logistics and balancing act of poker with life can sometimes be even more of a challenge than technical execution at the table. I can help with that.


While I think I do an alright job of having somewhat balanced, good ranges against regs, I am no GTO wizard. I own PioSOLVER, but have put very little work into constructing GTO strategies. I lean very heavily on exploits, and cannot help you play like a computer.


I am looking to offer 1-2 free sessions to around 5 people. The sessions will be HH review an it is a requirement that you have a tracking database such as PT4 or HM2 and that you can come ready with hands to review.

How to Apply

Copy/Paste the below questions and provide your answers in a DM here on Run It Once if you are interested in this.

How long have you been playing?

What games do you play?

What is your ABI, and what have your results been like?

Describe your study process and what software tools and/or training sites you use to work on your game?

What areas of your game are you most interested in focusing on?

What are your aspirations in Poker? What are your Poker goals?

Do you play full time? If not, what else do you have going on in your life?

If selected for a free session, are you open to having it recorded and released on YouTube?

Additional Questions

If you have any questions or would like to discuss anything, please feel free to post here in the thread. Thanks!

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