One BB call on river for showdown value?

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One BB call on river for showdown value?

Blinds: t80/t160 (6 Players) CO: 4,878 (Hero)
BN: 5,611
SB: 2,542
BB: 2,304
UTG: 3,727
MP: 2,703
BB is 31/13/7.7, MP 23/21/9.4
Preflop (240) Hero is CO with A Q
UTG folds, MP raises to 336, Hero calls 336, BN calls 336, SB folds, BB calls 176
I just call instead of 3betting. Which may be a mistake, but there are two reasons for me calling.

Firstly, I don't think AQs will do too well against MP's 4bet shove range (in addition by just flatting I keep in dominated aces and queens which they will get in if they flop a pair).

Secondly, there are short stacks in the blinds capable of shoving themselves with hands I dominate.
Flop (1,544) 2 5 9
BB bets 772, MP folds, Hero calls 772, BN folds
BB donks multiway and I call. I don't like my hand too much, but with backdoor straight and flush draws, I believe that I have just enough equity to call, even against a straight value range, considering that they are capped.
Turn (3,088) 2 5 9 6
BB checks, Hero checks
I take a free card as they will be pot committed with their value range, and I will only fold out worse hands
River (3,088) 2 5 9 6 J
BB bets 160, Hero calls 160

I realise that I'm practically 100% behind opponent's range and calling here carries the lowest EV against folding and shoving, but would you agree that the Jack is a big enough scare card to get my opponent of their capped range, or are they too committed after making a min bet on the river, making a fold the best decision?

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