OOP leads 50% of his stack on QQ7. I have 88

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OOP leads 50% of his stack on QQ7. I have 88

Blinds: t150/t300 (7 Players) CO: 999
BN: 16,139 (Hero)
SB: 10,102
BB: 10,322
UTG: 7,369
UTG+1: 10,600
MP: 6,764
Preflop (450) Hero is BN with 8 8
2 folds, MP raises to 777, CO folds, Hero raises to 2,255, SB calls 2,105, BB folds, MP folds
Flop (5,762) Q Q 7
SB bets 3,054, Hero raises to 13,859 and is all in, SB calls 4,768 and is all in
Turn (27,443) Q Q 7 9
River (27,443) Q Q 7 9 4
Final Pot BN lost and shows two pair, Queens and Eights.
SB wins and shows two pair, Queens and Jacks.
SB wins 21,406

Sup Forum!
In this hand I felt like a BTN 3bet was good and I was ready to call a shove from the HJ open. Got a little worried when the small blind flats my 3bet. In his range I put 99-JJ, AKo, AKs, AQs. When he leads on QQ7 2 tone I puked a little put talked myself in putting it in here since he could definitely do this with a FD. Looking back at the situation I think it might've been a fold. What do you guys think?

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