Playing against donks

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Playing against donks

Buy-in $11 - Global Poker

Hand is played on a final table. Everyone is in the money.

Hero UTG 90bb
Villain BB 50bb - Villain is tagged lose maniac.

Hero opens 2bb from UTG Td9d. Everyone folds. BB calls. Pot - 5.4bb

BB donks 3bb. Hero calls. Pot - 11.4bb

Turn Qd. BB donks 8.55bb. Hero calls. Pot - 28.5

River 3h. BB donks 38.8bb and is all in. Hero folds.

I folded the river holding the 9 blocker. Majority of villains bluffs should be 89.

What will be an ideal calling range on the river? Is there any merit in raising the flop?

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