Possible causes of terrible winrates below 60bb?

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Possible causes of terrible winrates below 60bb?

Hello, I'm a low/midstakes MTT player and I've been struggling for a long time with very bad winrates between 15-60bb stack sizes. I manage to maintain 10bb/100 above 60bbs but these hands are often played at early stages and don't provide many chips.
I think there must be some fundamental leaks but I can't localize them despite many attempts.

Here are my stats from this year by stack size:

And positional - between 20-60bb and 60bb+:


What I already know:
-my turn cbet is tremendously low, probably partially due to cbetting wrong flops esp. OOP, working on that
-my 3bet is too low, esp. from later positions
-too low flop x/r, a little too high flop x/f and fold vs cbet
-too low cbet IP, should be close to 100% from EP and decreasing through later positions

Yet, with all these leaks I can maintain 10bb/100 at 60bb+ depths. Of course, there are more recs in early stages of tournament when stacks are deep, but I doubt that's the real reason.
If you have an idea what should I do different other than fixing the leaks I mentioned above, feel free to elaborate!

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