postflop ICM spot

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postflop ICM spot

Blinds: t4,000/t8,000 (4 Players) SB: 197,517 (Hero)
BB: 237,435
CO: 227,326
BN: 97,222
Preflop (12,000) Hero is SB with 6 7
2 folds, Hero calls 4,000, BB raises to 27,200, Hero calls 19,200
Flop (57,600) 3 T A
Hero checks, BB bets 46,080, Hero raises to 169,517 and is all in, BB folds
Final Pot SB wins 149,760

This spots is from MTT SNG. All 3 players are regs on those stakes. I feel like by limp/folding I am allowing BB to punish me too much, so decided to peel with very playable SC. Should our range just by reponding by limp/jaming most of a time? Calling some playable hands and traps perhaps? I know that IP is capable of putting a lot of pressure postflop due to ICM tax. My question is, because of his sizing am I allow to have a allin range? Seems like it's very face up. I decided to go for as I expect villain to be overbluffing and putting max pressure with this huge sizing, generating the most FE vs my capped weak range.

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