River Spot in Sunday 500

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River Spot in Sunday 500

UTG2: Jon Doe: 0
UTG3: FHstyles: 437409
LJ: AZAZELLL0: 188868
HJ: hibachi41 is sitting out: 126091
CO: blumenkind53: 362894
BN: TheHood: 150579
SB: Milana Jones: 90537
BB: cruiserR1200: 98367
UTG: gray31: 212345
UTG1: Festivuss: 281699
Preflop (9000) (9 Players)
gray31 was dealt 8 7
gray31 raises to 12000, Festivuss raises to 26700, FHstyles folds, AZAZELLL0 folds, Jon Doe folds, blumenkind53 folds, TheHood folds, Milana Jones folds, cruiserR1200 folds, gray31 calls 14700
Flop (62400) 6 7 7 (2 Players)
gray31 checks, Festivuss checks
Turn (62400) J 6 7 7 (2 Players)
gray31 bets 28765, Festivuss calls 28765
River (119930) J J 6 7 7 (2 Players)
gray31 bets 68765, Festivuss raises to 225634
On the river I have 87k behind, pot is about 350k. Table is pretty soft so I think open is fine. I think he is light here pre-flop a decent amount of the time and considered 4betting. Really only interested in comments on the river though. Only reads are that Festivuss has been pretty active and has been 3betting a decent amount. Do you bet river, if so how big? As played do you fold to shove? I thought he would bet his Jx hands on the flop quite a bit, with the possibility of him being more inclined to check back AJ and JJ. Regardless, I think it's pretty tough to bluff here with basically no history, especially when I can have Jx in my range quite a bit.

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