SCOOP 109$ PKO - river bluff in 3bet pot 3way

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SCOOP 109$ PKO - river bluff in 3bet pot 3way

Blinds: t200/t400 (9 Players) BN: 47,624
SB: 39,891
BB: 166,377
UTG: 37,082
UTG+1: 38,954 (Hero)
MP: 55,460
MP+1: 49,900
MP+2: 62,860
CO: 89,091
MP1 is 21/12/4 over 151 hands.
MP is 30/17 over 143 hands
Preflop (600) Hero is UTG+1 with J K
UTG folds, Hero raises to 920, MP calls 920, MP+1 raises to 4,020, 5 folds, Hero calls 3,100, MP calls 3,100
As people tend to 3bet more in PKO I dont feel like folding this combo especially with MP being a player that might call too loose and induce more squeeze.
But maybe I am wrong...
Flop (13,110) 6 Q 2
Hero checks, MP checks, MP+1 bets 4,020, Hero calls 4,020, MP calls 4,020
Flop I feel like I should call as I have some decent turn and river plan on diamond, T and my blocker might be usefull to find some interesting bluff.
Turn (25,170) 6 Q 2 4
Hero checks, MP checks, MP+1 checks
River (25,170) 6 Q 2 4 Q
Hero bets 30,864 and is all in, MP raises
River I expect MP to shove a lot of his AA, KK, and some AQ especially in 3way on this blanc river
Because of his profile, I expect MP to still be on the river with hands like 77-TT and some randome 67s,45s or even AJhh.

For this reason I find a shove with this combo.

I post this hand because I am unsure about my range construction and I would like to have some feedback as I am not use to grind high stackes tournements.

  1. Am I overplaying this KJs by calling a sqz from MP1 against EP and MP (even if I feel like the profile of MP player should stretch the squeezing range of MP1)
  2. Am I overplaying the playability of KJdd on this flop texture ?
    I feel it is a question of preflop range answering the question #1 should almost fix the solution
  3. Sould I expect to have enough FE on the river to pull the trigger ?


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