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SCOOP 2020 5k- Apestyles vs Bencb Final Table ICM Punt??

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SCOOP 2020 5k- Apestyles vs Bencb Final Table ICM Punt??

Hey Y'all,

I was watching some coverage Joe Ingram did of a recent SCOOP final table, and one hand between BenCB and Apestyles looked like it was just a clear ICM punt call-off by Ape. I ran it in HRC, and HRC seems to agree it is a punt, but Apestyles is world-class and I consider him to be one of the best MTT players in the world, which makes me think I am just misunderstanding something in this spot:

Here, Ben makes what I would consider to be a pretty standard jam given his stack. Ape quickly calls off here. When I saw this, I felt that seemed like way too wide to call off, and when I run it in HRC that confirms.

HRC gives Ben a nash range here like this:

Given this range, Ape needs to call off extremely tight. Even if we give Ben a more "human" range of:

Ape's calling range should look like this:

But he calls off here with the KTs, which seems like just torching EV/Money.

I just had to make this post because I can't help but think that I am missing something. Is this really just a straightforward ICM fold and Ape made a mistake, or does it become a clear call with FGS considerations or something like that? Thanks!

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