Silly question A6 from the UTG near to the bubble

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Silly question A6 from the UTG near to the bubble


I played $11 gladiator on partypoekr and I have one question which can be silly but i need to know if i was correct , not or close.
I dont have HH for this due to the last big changes on the site but i will try to describe it by my own.
I was sitting on the fist position (8 max) so i opened form UTG for 2.x with A6s. It was my 3d open in row. I had around 50bb and the UTG +1 calls behind me having ~45bb after that all players fold to the BB who squeezd to 7.5 BB having around 45-50bb. So lets say we all were effective 45bb deep.
First thing is that it was really small sqz and I had a playable hand so I could easly call due to my pot odds which was kinda gr8.
The player behind me was kind of solid player and for the BB i do not have any specific information.
Im not really bother about player from the UTG+1 because he is probably on the weaker site on his range. In case with BB it might be different.
My first thought was he had KK-AA if he is sqzing so small the rest he is probably raising much bigger or JAMING due to the positional disadvantage.
I made a fold because of the dude behind me who could easly call with hands which dominates me, like AJ-AQ also im capped when im calling in that spot. But the fact is i had Ace which blocks AA and AK which im scared of the most. Second of all I can pay 5 more BB to win quite alot so implied odds were big enaugh to risk.
Im so confused with that because i saw the outcome and it was like near to bubble phase in the tournament. I feel like I have lost the chance to get the really healthy stack and fight for the FT because id did not take a risk for that. In cashgames which i play mainly it would be probably quite easy spot for me. But in MTT im not sure. I was thinking about JAMMING as I caould look strong enaugh and have a nice blocker and some fold equity but it was not worth in this moment of tournament i guess. Too much risk and a little reward.

What are your thoughts on that ? Should I call or fold ? or maybe JAMMING would be ok ?
Sorry for my english and maybe a little chaos in writting.

cheers guys

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