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The Weekender: final 2 Tables river spot verse Pads1161

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The Weekender: final 2 Tables river spot verse Pads1161

Blinds: t1,800/t3,600 (6 Players) SB: 59,332
BB: 229,739 (Hero)
UTG: 147,030
MP: 87,861
CO: 329,562
BN: 129,304
Preflop (5,400) Hero is BB with K 6
2 folds, CO raises to 8,532, 2 folds, Hero calls 4,932
Flop (21,024) K 2 3
Hero checks, CO bets 7,989, Hero calls 7,989
Turn (37,002) K 2 3 Q
Hero checks, CO bets 14,400, Hero calls 14,400
River (65,802) K 2 3 Q T
Hero checks, CO bets 54,733

Hey all,

My range on river consists of club draws/straight draws with back door FD's which missed, Kx, k10(folds turn % of the time), 22/33 some % of the time although a greater % ill either check raise flop or turn with these sets.

My thoughts on river were as follows:

This sizing puts a lot of pressure on the made hand part of my river range, Pads can be super wide here as he is opening wide pre abusing the FT bubble with the chip lead. He can have a lot of air on the river as a result of this.
I block KK/KQ combos(Seem like the only value combos that make sense to use this sizing bar 22/33)

Thanks for your thoughts in advance

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