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Videos that help me on shorthanded play

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Videos that help me on shorthanded play

Hey guys,

Been watching some videos and improving my game reading the forums. Thanks a lot to all who contribute.

I play low stakes MTT SnGs and MTTs and I'm going through one of the roughest swings of my short poker career. Looking at my play, the thing I notice the most is how I have a tough time playing shorthanded. When it comes to the 3/4-handed play and HU, I will lose my chips most of the time and end up dying in 3rd place. I am giving up too easily and playing a lot OOP when I shouldn't. I have been looking at some videos but there are so many that I really can't tell which ones would be able to help me on these particular spots.

Do you have any recommendations for me? What videos should I take a look at, what exercises should I do, how to study such a specific part of the game?

Thanks a lot!

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