WaSOP High Roller 1100€: 3 left

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WaSOP High Roller 1100€: 3 left

High roller of the Wallonie Series of Poker in Namur, Belgium. 1100€ MTT, 70 entries. We played day 2 yesterday from 1pm till 4am, so pretty exhausted to play day 3. We're only 3 left, 8 were paid. We decide to deal, first take 20K, second and third 12.8K.

Opponents are belgium pro Pokerstars Christophe de Meulder and belgium cash game reg Guy 'Jumbo' Goosens.

Blinds are 15K/30K 4K ante, we all have roughly 1.2M. I cover both my opponents a little bit. So we just started playing. Both my opponents respect my game. I've been the most aggresive player since we've been 6 left (yesterday thus), putting a lot of ICM pressure on Christophe. He's been relatively nitty, not going too much out of line vs me.

Here is the hand:

I open BTN Th7h to 60K, Christophe 3b 150K from the SB. He 3b me the hand right before BvB, I raised Ks8s and folded because OOP and because I felt he wasn't 3betting that light in general. Here I decide to call with position. Might be loose, but I like defending, especially live.

Flop comes Qd 7h 6s ; 342K in the pot. Christophe C-bet 125K and I call.

Turn 8h. 592K ; eff stack behind around 900K. Christophe tanks a big and bet 260K. I definitely believe (from a hand he played with 8 plrs left) that he's capable of exercing leverage. I mean, he's just good, been a pro for 5-6 years. We talked a bit after finishing yesterday, and he knows what he's doing + he knows that I know what I'm doing as well.

What's your action there? Without real ICM pressure, I don't think I can fold. But it feels close between calling and shoving.

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