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Nearing the end of a tournement where payouts are involved we can use ICM for shortstack poker to help determine the most optimal play. ICM can be insteresting because with payouts involved we must now consider the fact that folding maybe be profitable because a certain % of the time a player left to act will bust out (moving us up a
pay spot for just folding). In chipev play however, such as early game non money spots, we generally play purely for chips, aggresively taking almost all +ev spots and not giving much credence to survival.

Lets look at a hand in chip ev form, hero has k5 in mp and 5x raises first hand of the tournement. A good poker play can see this is a negative chip ev play. But lets expand our assesment or our notes on our oppenent. Hes plays k5 so he probably plays k5+ q7+ 34s+ Ax+ t9o+ etc. He probably plays too loose from every position, his raise sizes are probably all out of whack etc. He's not goin to have proper shoving range, his ICM knowledge will be non existent etc. 1 hand represents a whole plethora of information.

This isn't the type of poker information that completes our analysis of our oppenents strategy though. 5xing k5 from mp is a cross section of this person's strategy. When we open our scope of what a hand represents we begin to see something, first we see this person is a losing player. But if we look wide enough (somewhere around infinite) we can see the effects this decision has on the players over all profits.

When we divide the two, the decisions represented by our opponents strategy by the players profits, we see the wormhole that connect the two dimensions of chip ev and $ev.

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