Would you fold KK pre-flop in this spot on the bubble ?

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Would you fold KK pre-flop in this spot on the bubble ?

PartyPoker 8-max, NLHE $22 Buy-in (1 re-entry used) / $6K Gtd Bounty tournament ($5.50 on each player at the start)

Blinds 4500/9000, antes 1100
Close to the bubble burst (45 players left, 40 ITM)

Hero dealt Kc/Kh with roughly 19BBs (27th on 45)

Only pre-flop action goes:

  • All-in UTG w/ 3 BBs ($14,43 bounty on his head)
  • All-in CO w/ 14,3 BBs ($22 bounty on his head)
  • Reshove Hero BN ($15,12 bounty on my head)
  • SB & BB stack me with 53,5 BBs & 86 BBs, SB reshove, BB fold

The board comes 10h / 8d / Qc / 8h / Jd
UTG had 8/5s
CO had A9off, won the pot with a Q high straight
SB had AA

& we bust at the 42nd place, 2 spots away from the ITM about $24 ($1700 to the 1st without bounties)

Obviously being this close to the bubble without a large stack means folding almost everything, even most of premiums.
But with the 2nd best hand in poker & the chance to take $36 of bounties plus advance to the ITM stage as one of the potential chip leaders, the shove seemed clearly EV+ to me.
It was the late part of my session around 4am & to be honest I was probably not playing my A game, so I completely forgot to check SB & BB stacks sizes covering me (I had just changed table on this hand) before going all-in.

I feel like this is just a setup but what do you think ?
Considering the ICM & the bubble potentially bursting a few minutes after this hand with already 2 short stacks all-in, would you fold KK pre-flop there ?

Many thanks

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