Wsop 1.5k mixed max, AKs flop spot

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Wsop 1.5k mixed max, AKs flop spot

Here's a hand I played in yesterday's WSOP 1.5k event.  It was day 2, so we were 6 handed at this point.  Blinds were 1k/2k/300 ante and we are well in the money.

I just got moved to this table so not much of reads, but if I had to write down all the info I had:

SB: 80k stack, white young guy

BB: < 40k stack, looking to double up

UTG (me): 40k stack, probably perceived as an aggro Asian guy who's trying to double up

HJ: 100k+ stack, has shown some aggression pre by 3betting my steal

CO: 200k+ stack, not much reads

BTN: 80k stack, an old Canadian guy who seems solid 

Alright, now off to the hand. 

I min raise with AcKc UTG.  HJ flats and everyone else folds.

Flop (13k) Js 6s 3c

I c-bet for about 4.5k, and HJ tank raises to 9.5k or so.  If I flat here, the pot is gonna be 32k and I will have 28.5k left on the turn.

What would you do, and why?

I thought about all 3 options and told Chael Sonnen about this hand later on.  We agreed that all options seemed very close, but we don't play much MTT and thus might be way off.

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