10/20 NL Live

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10/20 NL Live

Villian stack = 2500
My stack = 2000

Villain was stuck half an hour to an hour ago, seemed to be on tilt, but rebuilt his stack after winning some decent pots and showing one successful bluff. Villain then tightened up for the last 10 minutes until this hand came up. My image was TAG

One mid-position player limps. Villain raises to 120 from hijack

I flat call from button with JJ. Everyone else folds

Flop is 7 5 3, rainbow. Villain bets 2/3 pot, I call

Turn is 2. Villain announces all-in

I tell them I will flip over my cards before deciding, and show my JJ

Villain says:

1) You can only win if you hit a J, and he sounds relaxed
2) He then tells me he'll show me one card, and I point to one, and he shows a 7

What's best move here?

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