10NL - Facing a river bet with 2nd pair

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10NL - Facing a river bet with 2nd pair

Blinds: $0.05/$0.10 (6 Players) MP: $10.30
CO: $26.75
BN: $10.23
SB: $10.54 (Hero)
BB: $22.08
UTG: $11.10
Preflop ($0.15) Hero is SB with A Q
UTG folds, MP calls $0.10, CO raises to $0.40, BN folds, Hero calls $0.35, BB folds, MP folds
Flop ($1.00) Q 2 3
Hero checks, CO bets $0.60, Hero calls $0.60
Turn ($2.20) Q 2 3 3
Hero checks, CO bets $1.16, Hero calls $1.16
River ($4.52) Q 2 3 3 K
Hero checks, CO bets $3.60

I decided to just call PF because i wanted to keep the limper, who's a fish, in the pot. Villain seems like a good/agressive player, playing 21/16 (VPIP/PFR) over couple hundred hands and I don't have reads on him or particular history with him.

I have a few questions : Should I checkraise flop or turn here sometimes ? And most importantly, should I call river given the passive line I took ? I felt like the K was a good card for him to barrel a third time if he has a bluff, like a missed flush draw, but I didn't see him value betting anything that I beat. Also, I think he'd take this line with all of his Kx that decided to double barrel (AK, KQ, KJ, KT, lower suited Kx), which are a decent part of his range. Concerning the decision to take on the river, what is the reason to call or fold ? Is it because there are many flush draws (and maybe straight draw with 65) that missed, or is it because AQ is one of the strongest hand I could have in this spot ? I think I could've take the same line flop & turn with a weaker Q or even lower PP.
(It's my first post in the forums and I started playing not so long ago, sorry if I didn't described the hand well enough).

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