1/2 Live Cash

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1/2 Live Cash

Hi all,

How are your thoughts?

I'd 150BB effective stack as well of Villain. In HJ, after all folds I raise $6 with K7c. In CO, just called a reg/pro. Pot 7.5 BB. He had a very narrow range and an image of tight in all tables.

Flop Kh 3s 4c

Hero leads 1/3 pot. Vill calls. Pot 12.5BB

Turn Tc

Hero 1/2 Pot. Vill raise x2. Hero calls. 36.5BB

River 7c

Hero bets 3/4 of the pot. Vill tanks and fold.

My thoughts, if I were checked he might checked too and I lost the value. Also, if he had a small flush or the straight he can call.

Was ok my bet or I may check many times?

Good decisions mi gente!!

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