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2-5 live 230bb roughly effective stack

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2-5 live 230bb roughly effective stack

I Open c/o a7s £15, seems like steady button who missed a fairly thin river value bet vs me earlyer which was only hand id seen him to showdown , sb and bb both fish call, flop rainbow 237 sb £30 donk bb call i make it £80, the waht i felt was a steady sort of reg called button, sb and bb fold, turn brings the ace of clubs to put a f/d out, i check, he bets £200 i tank briefly call, river 10d i check he bets £570 what to do? also your thoughts on turn and flop. my feeling on flop was reg wasnt going to do anything tricky behind me so i could make the exploitable sort of small raise, i felt he would only come along with some sort of piece of the pie... turn I feel it would have made hand easyier if I bet but then if he flat the river would be tough, anyway,,....

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