2/5 live deep. Tough spot

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2/5 live deep. Tough spot

Was playing 2/5 today and this hand happened.

Hero is a reg tag with 900.
Villain 1 is a reg tag with 900.
Villain 2 is a loose passive with 900

Villain 1 opens to 20 from cutoff Villain 2 calls on the button. Hero is sb with AQo and makes it 120
Both villains call

Flop comes QJ7r

Hero bets 110 Villain 1 folds. Villain 2 calls.

Turn is a 2.

Hero bet 200 but I think sizing doesn't make a ton of sense.
Villain folded AJs.

I think betting turn with this sizing makes villain fold most of his worst hands and only calls or raises with better. Should I just down bet turn and call a shove?

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