50NL - trips good kicker facing river shove

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50NL - trips good kicker facing river shove

SB: Luckbags: $48.50
BB: Mushmellow: $78.35
4 hands into match. Readless except villain doesn't have auto reload turned on.
Preflop ($0.75) (2 Players)
Mushmellow was dealt J T
Luckbags raises to $1.25, Mushmellow calls $1
Standard call preflop.
Flop ($3.00) J 8 5 (2 Players)
Mushmellow checks, Luckbags bets $1.50, Mushmellow calls $1.50
I don't see anything other thank check call here vs. unknown.
Turn ($6.00) J 8 5 J (2 Players)
Mushmellow bets $5, Luckbags calls $5
I lead the turn for value. This is how you guys play this too right?
River ($16.00) J 8 5 J K (2 Players)
Mushmellow bets $12.50, Luckbags raises to $40.50, and is all in
I bet again for value. I can get called by 8s, Ks maybe some pockets that he might want to call me with thinking I have a missed 910 missed clubs etc. When I get shoved on what should my GTO calling range look like here? Can I call with my current hand? What if I had QJ or AJ?

Villains range seems to consist of nutted hands and potentially some missed draws except I think that is too optimistic as a lot of his draws might have semi-bluffed my turn lead. Can we even put anything else in an unknown at 50NL's range excepted nutted hands in this situation? Is it ever possible that he could be shoving worse jacks?


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