30NL,villian bet 2 into 100pot

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30NL,villian bet 2 into 100pot

Hero UTG with TT. raise 3bb,call,call.button 3bet,hero call,call.4way pot.
flop Js7d4h,check down.
Turn,7h,hero check,EP bet 2 into 100 pot.Get called by following 2 villian.Hero raise to 60,EP shove for 110,fold,fold,Hero call.
Villian with 27s,Lose the pot.

stats about ep:40/5. I am just wondering,this kind of bet,2 into 100,how will u guys deal with it?He is ovbiously bet wanted to get raised.But how can you detect it?In my perspective,i don't know what EP holds,but i know the two opponent behind him apparently holds nothing considering check the flop,call a so small bet instead of raising it.I wanted to take the pot right away.

This is so sick.How will u guys deal with this so-small bet situation.Am i played wrong?What's the correct read about EP happens?

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