4B or Shove Ranges

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4B or Shove Ranges

I had a hand whilst I was shot taking 5 10 20 at the casino where I was a bit unsure what to do preflop.

BTN calls straddle for 20. hero small blind makes it 100 with KsKd, BB 3! To 310. I wasn’t sure the best move from here as I have 1700 in stack, it felt too much to shove and in game thought that 4B would have committed my whole stack anyway.

I ended up calling but in hindsight I think I prefer making a small 4B to 800 or so.

It made me wonder with these kind of situations where is the threshold in terms of 4B sizing and when is it better to just shove if you are commuting stack anyway? What would the difference have been OOP and IP? I would usually 4B more OOP as you can better control equity denial.
Any thoughts much appreciated

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