4NL - Trips on flop - Line/analysis check

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4NL - Trips on flop - Line/analysis check

Apologies in advance about the hand format - RIO wouldn't let me post it as a hand history.

In posting this hand I'm looking for two things really:
1) Is my line okay?
2) Is my analysis accurate?

4NL (6 max) - Holdem - 5 players
Hand converted by Holdem Manager : http://www.holdemmanager.com

UTG: €1.52 (38 bb) Hero (CO): €4.00 (100 bb) BTN: €4.87 (121.8 bb) SB:
€3.95 (98.8 bb) BB: €8.25 (206.3 bb)

SB posts €0.02, BB posts €0.04

Pre Flop: (pot: €0.06) Hero has 4h 5h fold, Hero raises to €0.10, 2
folds, BB calls €0.06

Villain is a 29/20 reg so moderately passive. He flats in BB so range is likely PPs, Broadways, SCs

Flop: (€0.22, 2 players) 6h 5s 5c BB checks, Hero bets €0.12, BB calls

Because of the low cards on board, villain will probably call overcards, higher PPs and straight draws possibly BDFDs.

Turn: (€0.46, 2 players) Kh
BB bets €0.23, Hero raises to €1.15, BB calls €0.92

This turn card gives potential flush draws outs and gives me a low flush draw and I'm blocking his potential flushes. He donks into me at half pot. So his range here is likely to be Kx, flush draws, and full houses.

River: (€2.76, 2 players) 8d
BB bets €1.38, Hero raises to €2.63, BB calls €1.25

Some gutshot straights have got there however they are unlikely (97.) The flush isn't made and I'm crushed by full houses anyway. I'm more leaning towards Kx.

EDIT: After posting I figured that I'm beaten by about 42 combos (Higher 5X, 66, KK, 88) but I also beat around 42 combos (AK, KQ, K8, K6)

How would I translate knowing these combinatorics into making decisions in spots like this?

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