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5NL 6max Zoom: How are my stats?

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5NL 6max Zoom: How are my stats?

I just finished my first 10k hands of zoom 5nl 6max. I am currently down 310BBs; some of that is due to me running 750 bbs below EV, some due to my BTN + blinds play.

Here they are:

Hands: 10988 bb/100: -2.80

VPIP: 23.4 PFR: 18.7 Agg%: 33.5 3b: 7.14 4bPremium: 30.6
WTSD%: 29.5 W$SD: 53.1 RiverCallEfficiency: 1.29
FlopCB: 47.2 (IP: 48.1, OOP: 46.2) TurnCB: 47.8 RivCB: 40

Pos: bb/100, VPIP, PFR, 3b, 4bPrem, WTSD/W$SD

UTG: 26.49, 12.7,12.7, NA, 50, 31.5/62.9
MP: 15.57, 14.1, 13.5, 5.34, 50, 33.3/55.8
CO: 29.57, 22.7, 19.8, 3.48, 25, 31.7/55.7
BTN: -0.11, 39.5, 34, 7.54, 7.69, 26.8/44
SB: -25.37, 28.8, 23, 8.72, 33.3, 31.2/50.1
BB: -65.73, 22.2, 7.0, 7.46, na, 27.3/58.5

Some things I am working on:
- tightening my 4b ranges up. I was stacking off pre flop with AK and JJ a lot - but what I have found is that these stakes players are RARELY gii with less than KK/AA, so i was owned a few times there.
- Less resteals from the blinds and more Postflop play by using a more value heavy 3b Rstl range and calling with a lot of SC's and pairs.
- 4b bluffing is something I have recently eliminated from my standard game unless I have a bulletproof read.
- My first 3-4k of hands I was playing waaaay too LAG and spewing off to players with tight ranges. I have really worked hard to improve and tighten up, as reflected in my last few 4-6k hands where my graph is really starting to smooth out and head upwards.

thanks for any help!

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