AA facing flop shove

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AA facing flop shove

1/3 NL button straddle
Folds to CO (CO is loose aggressive who hasnt been afraid to shove or call off in marginal spots)
CO (800)- $18
Button (300)- Call
Sb fold
Hero in BB (450)- (AhAd) 3bets $55
CO- calls
button- Folds
Flop- Jc10s5c
Hero- checks
CO- All in

So... This guy has called off on flush draws, bet a large percentage of the time when checked too and was generally pretty loose agressive. First, should I have checked in this spot knowing this guy is going to bet a large percentage of the time when I under rep my hand? Or should I mostly lead? Second, is this a spot where you call off every time against a player who has been willing to shove or put it in on draws.

Would like your thoughts and opinions of this spot as it was an interesting one in the last session I played. Thanks guys!

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